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Mexican family style food and ambiance
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Family Style Traditional Mexican Food and Ambiance,
You'll feel like a guest at our home...!

Mexican Cuisine from Michoacan

At Gyros House we provide traditional mediterranean family style service

This is a Molcajete (stone hand food grinder), heated on fire flames, which actually is how we serve our signature dish "Molcajete".

Recipes come from our families, and we innovate on them and test them at home, where we are the toughest food critics! Thus, every dish that you'll find at Margaritas has deep roots in Michoacan and it is the food that we prepare at home when inviting family and best friends.

We also have some signature dishes, such as the "Molcajete", "Camarones con cecinas a la diabla", ¨Pollo a la crema", y "Mole". Our kitchen is a place where cooking is done with passion, love, and attention to detail.

Our recipes come from traditional Michoacan cuisine, especially from the area of Apatizingan and the town of el Cajón. This food is caracterized by a mixture of flavors that is obtained through slow cooking process. Yes, we do take our time to cook as it is cooked in Michoacan, where there is time for cooking, conversation, and social life.

Mexican Tradition through Generations

At Gyros House we provide traditional mediterranean family style service

We created Margaritas to offer what we have enjoyed as a family tradition for many years, which we learned from previous generations: "Family-style Mexican food from Michoacan in a warm, friendly and relaxing ambiance, great drinks starting with our Margarita Suprema, and the opportunity to live a memorable experience based on these true Mexican values."

We come from the town of Apatzingan, so our food share our roots. For instance, you'll find that we prepare the true "Carnitas al estilo Uruapan", with its long cooking process at the right temperature. We also make the Molcajete, a traditional dish from Michoacán cooked in a "stone hand food grinder".

When we created Margaritas we knew that our deepest satisfaction was to see customers delighted by the flavours and presentation of our dishes, as well as by the environment, ambiance, and how we interact with them. After many years, we can say that we were right - that is what motivate us every day.